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Notariado en España (General Spanish Council of Notaries) is the only body of public officials authorized to attest, under the laws, contracts and other extrajudicial acts. Notaries are governed by the Law of May 28, 1862 of Spain Notaries, and by the Regulation of the organization and governance of Notaries, approved by Decree of 2 June 1944 and amended in 2007.

idealista is the real estate platform which was born in 2000 with the goal of helping the users to avoid the frustration and anxiety of finding a home. Its business model is based in trust, optimism, clarity and transparency. Due to its interest in transparency Idealista was pioneer, in 2001, in publishing second hand residential price reports based on the information published at it website.

Registros de la Propiedad de España (Public Law Corporation of Land and Mercantile Registrars of Spain) is headed by the Ministry of Justice . All matters concerning them are entrusted to the General Management of Registries and Notaries. The entire territory of Spain is divided into districts, called Mortgage Districts. Each Mortgage District has a corresponding Property Registry, headed by a Registrar, belonging to the body of Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad y Mercantiles de España (Registrars of Property in Spain). All of the registrers are gathered under the Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad y Mercantiles de España (Official College of Land and Mercantile Registrars of Spain).

ST Sociedad de Tasación is a spanish independent company which core business is the valuation of all type of assets, specially real estate assets, and with no links to Financial or any other intitutions. It has 11 offices and more than 650 external independent professionals (architects and engineers) which collaborate as appraisers / surveyors all over the spanish territory.


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AEV (Asociación Española de Análisis de Valor) is a nonprofit organization registered in the National Register of Associations under number 601621.

ASPRIMA, The association of property developers of Madrid is a business organization which is independent from any political or social group. Since 1976 its main goal is to defend the professional interests of the real estate companies, being its main rule to offer service to the community and the dialog with the Public Administrations in order to find solutions to the problems which affect the industry.

La Asociación Hipotecaria Española (AHE) (Spanish Mortgage Association) is a professional association, member of the European Mortgage Federation (EMF), formed by Banks, Saving banks, Credit Unions and financial institutions with a large presence in the spanish mortgage market.

Salón Inmobiliario Internacional de Madrid (SIMA). SIMA Exhibitions are a reference in the spanish real estate market since 1999. With more than 25 editions being held, SIMA exhibitions are a sales tool and business development platform for the companies and professionals which participate.

Public Institutions Data

Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) (The National Statistics Institute) is a legally independent administrative Autonomous institution in charge of the general coordination of the national statistical services, as well as the supervision and control of its technical procedures. Demographic, economic and spanish population statistics stand out between the works that the institue develops. At the official website all of the updates in the different fields of study can be followed.

Ministerio de Fomento de España (Ministry of Public Works) is the Ministerial department with competencies in public works, transport and communications in a state level. Its principal is Ana Pastor. In charge of development and execution of the Government Policy with regards to ground, air and maritime transportation infrastructures in , and the control, ordinance and administrative regulation of the correspondent transport services.