Residential Real Estate Prices in Spain

Membership Conditions

Any private or public company or corporation can become member of the Spanish Residential Properties Price Panel requesting its participation through the following e-mail: [email protected]

The criteria which determines the acceptance or rejection of a corporation to the panel are the following:

• Source of Information: The source from which the data published is obtained. It must be recognisable, meaning that it should belong to an official source (Data from Property Registry, Notaries), or data which comes from surveys developed specifically to provide this type of information, or data obtained from its own business activity (appraisals, sale offers / rental prices by companies involved in the real estate business).

• Variables: The variables produced through the basic information must represent any of the aspects linked with purchase, sale or rent of residential properties. The can refer to the public or private sector, to free homes or subject to special regimes, to estimated values, transaction prices or offering prices.

• Opportunity and punctuality: The statistic must have a specific regularity and a calendar of availability published. It must also have an historic and it must have been published regularly.

• Methodology Used: It must contain a specific calculation methodology, where the nature of the data used, its treatment and calculation procedure is specified. The level of detail exposed at the methodology must be enough so that the user can understand the results correctly, and differences the statistics from one another.

• Coverage: The statistic must provide information for a specific geographic area (national unit, autonomous community, province or other). The type of population must be defined (new homes, second hand, free, subject to sepcial regimes, specific dimensions, defined uses, vacational or not etc).

• Consolidation: The statistic must have a history of a minimum number of years of production of statistic data. Those must be subject to a permanent technical revision, developed by a qualified technical review team in order to assure quality, consistency and continuity of the data during time allowing historic analysis.

• Continuity Assurance: The statistic showed must assure in a middle / long term scenario, continuity in time.

• Coherence and comparabilit: The results offered must be internally consistent, as well as comparable and compatible with the other sources of the sector.

• Accesibility and Clarity: The information produced will be presented regularly in a clear and undersdtandable manner. It will be acompanied by the needed definitions for the correct intrpretation of the results provided. The measurement units of the studies will be indicated.

• Regularity and Criteria of Publishment of Statistics: The existance of a clear, concrete, and predictable publication calendar will be considered, specially with regards to press releases directly related to the studies published.